AMERICAN NATIONALIST PARTY!All Americans regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion or non-religion are welcomed to join our movement! We are promoters of the new American Nationalism!


What is our Government Policy? Our Economic Policy? What is our Party Platform? Like all political parties we have an ideology and philosophy. We call it the new American Nationalism. You can download all of this as a PDF in our Download Section.

Our American Nationalism draws its unique form from Civic Nationalism! We are comprised of a mix of progressives, liberals, and conservatives, but we are quite a different variety then the mainstream. We are American Nationalists... Read more


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    Nationalist Response to Final Presidential Debate

    donald_trump.jpgThe final presidential debate is over. This debate was much more tame then the last 2 and was far better structured.  It was good to see more real issues of substance discussed then in the previous two debates. The debate touched on more issues such as immigration (a first), the economy, including the national debt, even though some of the answers were evasive and some questions were dodged altogether in favor of side topics. Let’s look at the debate and issues and how they relate... Read more

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    Everything Wrong with Globalization: Carrier Offshoring Jobs

    Moving_to_Mexico.jpgLabor Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. The Department of Labor refers to this day as “a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”[1] But in this Plutocracy there exists something very twisted. Since we have adopted a policy of economic globalization (offshoring & outsourcing millions of jobs, high trade deficits, free trade agreements, financial deregulation, cheap labor via mass immigration, etc.), American workers have been the foremost victims.

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    Congress Continuously Promotes Anti-American Worker Policies


    Jobs! Job creation! This topic is made out to be one of the main concerns of the politicians (this being an election year means the rhetoric is louder yet equally cheap as the rhetoric during non-election years). For all the talk about creating jobs in this country for Americans, the truth is that the politicians in our Congress (both parties) do the exact opposite! Our government policies from trade agreements that promote offshoring & outsourcing of jobs to our immigration policies based on cheap labor, make it as difficult as possible for Americans to obtain jobs!

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    Neither Party Can Rebuild the Middle Class

    save-money-after-job-lose-lay-off_250x150.jpgAccording to a variety of public opinion polls, the top issue the American people are concerned about is the state of our economy.[1] This is perfectly reasonable and understandable. More and more Americans are seeing (and feeling) how 30 years of economic globalization (offshoring & outsourcing millions of jobs, high trade deficits, free trade agreements, financial deregulation, cheap labor via mass immigration, etc.) has negatively affected the country! The decline of a once strong middle class illustrates this point very well.

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    American Nationalist T-Shirts Are Here


    We have our first batch of American Nationalist T-shirts! 100% Preshrunk Cotton! These are available for sale in our store! All of these shirts are 100% Proudly Made in America! The cotton was grown & harvested in the USA, the fabric was dyed in the USA, & the yarn spun, knitted, & sewn in the USA! There is not one part of this shirt that has seen China! We thank all of you for your support!

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